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I am a hazy cosmonaut and raconteur. I have studied everything from neurons to neutron stars. In 2015 I earned a PhD in astronomy from the University of Washington; my thesis work explored a major outstanding problem in physics: dark matter.

My favorite place to work is that occasional regime where creativity and data meet. I grew up using computers to play games, and now I also computers them to solve technical challenges. I have specialized in scientific computing since I began studying physics. I filter radio data, analyze data generated by supercomputers, and write functional tests. I think insights come fastest when data can be visualized and understood; big data alone will not save us.

I am passionate about science writing and journalism. My goal for scientific communication is to take people's positive intentions and turn them into actionable behavior that is scientifically sound. I have written for Nature, Ars Technica, Aeon Magazine, and I am a regular contributor to 3 Quarks Daily. I am passionate about all kinds of art. I enjoy creating and experiencing art including theater, visual art, dance, acrobatics, circus, haiku, fiction & nonfiction literature, and so on.